It's diffcult to say what The Journeyist really is.  The word came to be based on a conversation with my friend Brandon Fratto who is a bad ass graphic artist and desinger.  I asked for his help in rebranding my coaching business.  In our conversation, I explained that all that I understand about myself and the world around me has come from the experiences I've had... the journeys I've taken.  Maybe it was a motorcycle trip with friends, camping on the beach with my wife and dogs, taking pictures in the mountains, or fishing by some beautiful stream (even if I rarely catch anything); but these were the moments that shaped me most.  The time spent learning through books, seminars, and videos builds the knowledge, but where it becomes wisdom or our own unique truth is in the adventure.  It's the place we apply what we've learned and make sense of it.

This is the place I get to share those lessons... I can't know anyone elses truth, but my hope is that something that is seen, heard, or read on these pages leads someone to their own journey and discovery.

I don't love the term "life coach" because unfortunately it's extremely abused and misunderstood. (Yet another reason Brandon and I came up with "The Journeyist").  But, in the end, that is a huge part of what I do... as a coach, I support people in taking their own journey.

I guess I should offer a little bit of my story.  Isn't this always the hard part???  Do I write in third person?  Does it sound like I'm bragging?  Does anyone even really give a shit???  Maybe that's why the "about" section has sat empty for a year on this website.  

Well, here it goes - Even as a kid, I've always wanted to dig pretty deep into the "why" in life.  I thought I was going to be a Philosophy and Theology major in college but after one semester at my hometown community college, I knew it was time to get out of dodge.  Little did I know that the adventures and challenges of moving across the country would be a better education about life than any classroom would have provided.  After I recognized I wasn't goint to make it as a rock star bass player, I followed my sister's foot steps and became a hairdresser.  I never imagined what that industry would do for me!  It's allowed me to experience life as craftsman, a teacher, a business owner, a mentor, and most importantly... a constant student.  It also introduced me to the world of coaching!  My years with Paul Mitchell the School exposed me to massive amounts of training on how to be a great educator, coach, and even just a better person.  I used to joke that our trainings were more self-help seminars than hairdresser trainings!  My mentor at the school, Dennis James McDougle, was also the person that introduced me to my long time coach and mentor, Lyn Christian of Soulsalt.  This was life altering.  After a short time of being coached by her, I knew I wanted to be able to do for others what she was doing for me.  Luckily, she was just about to launch her first coach training program!  I got to be in one of her first group of students and I feel so blessed - she is an incredibly special human and I think one of the best in the industry.  Since then, I've also trained with Ultimate Coach University and certified as a mBit Coach (I bet you didn't know you actually have 3 brains!).  Along with The Journeyist, I am also the Education Director of a hairdressing company called Sam Villa where I get to produce a lot of education content for the hairdressing industry and teach out on the road a few times per month.  My wife Michelle and I just took a giant leap and moved to the heart of the Rogue Valley wine country in Southern Oregon... we live in the boonies compared to where we lived in Salt Lake City and we love it.  Talk about a journey... that's a whole other blog post someday.

Hopefully that gives you a good basic picture of who I am and what The Journeyist is.  If you have any questions or your interested in coaching, please feel free to reach out to me through the Contact tab on this website.

*As a side note... one of my passions is photography, so all of the imagery on the site is from my camera (which is either my Fuji x100t which is a killer lifestyle camera or my new toy... Sony a7ii which is ridiculous for outdoor and wildlife).