05 Jan 2017
crater lake 9-2016

Focus Daniel San!!!

One of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest struggles (why does it always seem to be that way?!). Focus… I can focus so intently on something but it’s easily caught by something else shiny and drawn deeply into the next idea.  From a neuroscience perspective, this is extremely detrimental to my ability to be efficient and effective.  I hop from the email that I’m returning, to the text that just jumped up on my iPhone, then the […]

25 Dec 2016

Messages from the Redtail Homestead – Stellar’s Jay

If we are open to it, the natural world around us can share so much wisdom.  The symbolism of the Stellar’s Jay brings our focus to the balance between Earth and Sky, proper use of power, our ability to focus, and our pursuit of pleasure.

20 Feb 2016


Have you ever lied down in bed at the end of an epic day and wondered what the hell you did with your waking hours? It was all just a big blur of events, “to-do’s”, and fulfilling others expectations… it would be hard to elicit a memory of anything that touched your heart or even supported what you value most in your life in the past 16-17 hours. Sure, there is a case for the “we are slaves to the […]

03 Jan 2016

Letting go to create space for what is to come

In this first vidblog, it’s all about letting go of what is no longer serving us.  Our past is rich with old experiences, old stories, old beliefs, and old relationships.  Some of those need to be let go and some need to carry through to the next year allowing space for the new things in life to come. Try this… Create these 3 pages of paper in your notebook or anywhere you like: #1 What do you need to let […]

03 Nov 2015

A Compartmentalized Life

All my life I’ve been drawn to the feeling of identity created by being born into a strong community or culture (it’s a basic human need that most of us share). My family didn’t have any strong religious or social connections and I’m a total “euro mutt” so I don’t really have a lineage to attach to. I admired my friends Phil and Steve who were born into a strong Sicilian family… they proudly wore a Sicilian flag on the […]

23 Sep 2015

Sometimes you just need to be a Bison

As many major life lesson do… this one started in the driver seat of my truck.  Michelle (my ridiculously awesome wifey) and I had just finished a week of road tripping and camping that happened to be extra life changing.  Time with friends in the country and mountains with delicious food and wine is as close to perfection as it comes and there were a hell of a lot of bonus experiences beyond that.  I often feel a sense of sadness and […]