Letting go to create space for what is to come

In this first vidblog, it’s all about letting go of what is no longer serving us.  Our past is rich with old experiences, old stories, old beliefs, and old relationships.  Some of those need to be let go and some need to carry through to the next year allowing space for the new things in life to come.

Try this… Create these 3 pages of paper in your notebook or anywhere you like:

#1 What do you need to let go of?

2015-2016 journal pages

#2 What do you want to carry with you?

2015-2016 journal pages-2

#3 What are you making room for?

2015-2016 journal pages-3

As you will see in the video, Michelle and I took it one step further and wrote down the things we wanted to let go of and did a little ceremony high on the ridge above Emmigration Canyone in Salt Lake City where we burned the page and allowed it float off in the wind.

You will notice, there isn’t specific goals here… I do believe in the power of excellent goal setting but this is about the big picture.  The goal setting happens later for me.

Design your own version of this practice or let us know what you do to prepare for the New Year in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Letting go to create space for what is to come”

  1. I think that it is easy to feel like “I’m the only one who struggles with these silly things.” Your honesty in your blog helped me realize that I’ve set my expectations too high, not only for myself, but for others around me. Which means letdown feels greater when people don’t meet my standards. Not everyone strives to be the best or be perfect like me. So I think it’s just a matter of “what is the best version of myself that I can be” instead of striving to be something I’m not. 2016 will bring a lot of growing for me as I bring more positive people and thoughts to my life, rather than holding on to the negative.

    Great video, Andrew!


    • Funny thing is “I’m the only one who struggles with these silly things” has been exactly what has held me back from posting all too often! I wonder, “who is going to care about this???”. Your reply is exactly what I love to hear, so, Thank You!!! It makes the time and energy invested into this project time well spent. Letting go of our expectations of others is a beast of a goal… I got your back 🙂

  2. Good stuff! I love the concept of setting a theme for the year. A few years back I was encouraged by a guest to search for a few words that encapsulated the previous year and to search for desire words for the up and coming year. Words from years past have encluded: discipline, travel, give, multiply (business and family). I think my word for this year is “develop. And be present.”

    Best in 2016 boss

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